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7 Guidelines for Effective B2B Email Marketing

For B2B contacts, email marketing is a go-to lead generation activity. Although the emphasis on B2B marketing has increased among businesses of all sizes, you can't simply slap together a B2B mailer and expect the best results.


What is required is an understanding of the fundamentals of B2B marketing! You must use a calculated formula and approach, as outlined in this article about the 7 best B2B email marketing practices.


Here are 7 B2B email marketing best practices you can implement right away to jumpstart your campaign.


1.   Limit subject lines to 28 to 50 characters


The first step to mastering email marketing is writing compelling subject lines that will entice recipients to open your messages.



It's essential to ensure that the subject line is the proper length.


According to a recent Backlinko study, the ideal subject lines range in length from 28 to 50 characters.


To test the reaction of your audience, you may create a set of mailers with brief subject lines and a second set with longer subject lines. To ensure that the recipient can read it in one go, keep the subject line to under 50 characters.


A wider range of recipients can be attracted when the subject line is kept under 40 characters, especially for mobile users. According to the Campaign Monitor study, email subject lines with between 36 and 50 characters have the highest open rates.


2.   Make your B2B emails specific to the recipients


The email experience is fundamentally based on personalization. Personalization is a tactic that is employed in almost every aspect of marketing.


Your email's click-through rates and conversions can increase by 10% on average when you personalize it. This is due to the fact that when you make your email about your B2B contacts and their interests, they will read it with greater interest.


Create a user list that is highly targeted rather than sending out generic emails to hundreds of contacts.


Knowing who will receive the email in advance allows you to customize it and address them appropriately.

Encouraging recipients to continue the conversation is the best personalization strategy. Being assured of your knowledge of the target indicates to the reader that you are capable of assisting them.


The personalization really starts to take effect when you leave an open-ended question for them to answer.


For instance, if you are aware that your contact is the General Manager of a local Superstore, you can always start a conversation by sharing interesting information about the city's obsession with shopping.


3.    Limit the word count in your email body to 50 to 125


The text length is another factor that makes a B2B email successful. The email click-through rate is influenced by text length.



Ideally, you should be able to explain the offer, its advantages, and why your B2B contact should accept it. Usually, the key is to find the sweet spot between 50 and 125 words.


Long emails don't work well because the reader might feel overwhelmed by the text. By keeping the text concise enough to make the point, the email's clear intent is demonstrated, which encourages recipients to click or respond.


Additionally, it's crucial to divide the text into manageable paragraphs for the best viewing.


People don't want to waste time, especially in B2B transactions. The reader will respond to your offer more favorably the easier you make it for them to do so.


4.   Use conversational phrasing and tone


Not too formal, please. You don't need to make an email complicated just to sound professional and intelligent and to include a great offer.


The best B2B emails are designed to start a conversation with the recipient. Use a conversational style so that your emails are interesting and entertaining.


Key elements of B2B email marketing that shouldn't be overlooked include keeping emails conversational, humorous, and personable.


Instead of sticking to a formal academic introduction, you might start your email with "Let's get to know each other" to establish a rapport with an incoming lead.


The email's tone is crucial, and it will guide interactions with your B2B mailers as the discussion progresses.



By using the right combination of words that allow for dialogue, you should be able to interact with readers in a way that makes them feel comfortable approaching you.



5.   Use 1 – 3 images


It's common practice to include images in B2B emails.


Visual imagery is regarded by 32% of marketing experts as being the most crucial component of marketing campaigns.


However, how many images are to be included in a B2B email?


According to a study by Constant Contact of more than 2.1 million emails, companies that used 1 to 3 images had the highest CTRs.


Visuals are important to B2B subscribers, but only to a certain extent. Sending them an email that is overflowing with images can have a negative effect on the reader's experience.


You want them to receive your emails at the ideal moment and with the ideal message. Keep your visuals focused on what is required.



6.   Every B2B email responds to three main queries


In order to make the process of using your product or services as simple as possible, your B2B emails should typically only address these 3 important questions.


1. What do you have to offer?

2. How can the reader benefit?

3. What comes after this?


You must captivate the reader's interest and compel them to act.


To entice the reader, you must describe your offer in the simplest way.


It's crucial to keep your B2B email compelling with a tone that encourages people to invest. Ensure that the advantages are conveyed using straightforward language and minimal text.


Of course, you also need to entice them to click, whereupon you instruct them to follow certain steps in order to take advantage of your offer.


You've presented a convincing case for them to take the next step with no room for doubt as long as your B2B email provides the reader with answers to these three questions.


7.   Send 1 to 5 emails monthly at most


The frequency of emailing B2B contacts is a delicate subject that calls for restraint.


You need to be able to keep the reader interested in your company so that, eventually, you can turn them into a client.


However, you don't have to overburden their inbox with emails.


Ideally, B2B email marketing should strike the right balance.



According to CoSchedule's research, B2B businesses perform best when sending "at least one email per month, and no more than five."


However, depending on your goals and the nature of your business, you must tailor your strategy to the responses and engagement patterns of readers.


It's always a good idea to keep your email marketing efforts between 1 and 5 emails per month and adjust the frequency as necessary to suit your campaign's needs.


Even if you're giving the reader a lot of information and accessibility, it's still important to avoid being a bother.


They should remember you for how easily they can approach you, not only for how frequently you remind them that you are waiting in their inbox.



Wrapping up!


The best strategy for B2B brands to nurture and acquire leads is email marketing.


You can use email, which is a fantastic channel for having personal conversations, to move leads from the top of your funnel to the bottom. What more?


You can create solid, enduring relationships with people who will support your business goals using targeted email marketing lists.


The 7 best practices to adjust to in order to optimize your B2B campaigns are:


1)   Limit subject lines to 28 to 50 characters.

2)   Make your B2B emails specific to the recipients.

3)   Limit the word count in your email body to 50 to 125.

4)   Use conversational phrasing and tone

5)   Utilize 1–3 images.

6)   Responding to the three main B2B queries: what do you offer? How is it beneficial to readers? What comes after that?

7)   Send 1 to 5 emails monthly at most.

Naturally, you'll want to fine-tune and modify your campaign over time, but using best practices should enable you to achieve a minimum level of success.

By incorporating these best practices into your upcoming campaign strategy, you can reach the right people with your products/services.

If you require a highly targeted B2B email list to get started, FalconLogix extends our expertise to take your business to the next level.